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  • ericajay asked : Hey! Did you ever post anything from our last session? Excited to see! -e

    Hi Erica!!!.  I haven’t posted anything from our last session because I haven’t scanned it yet!!!.  Believe it or not, I’m super behind.  No excuses other than to say that my camera must be depressed.  Currently trying some therapy on her.  Started scanning a week ago, please stay tuned. Love to see how much you’ve been traveling.  Living vicariously through you!!!!.  Lets catch up soon.

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  • Desiree Film Scans

    120 and 4x5

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  • pamota asked : Great b+w work! Enjoyed your archive again big time. Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks.  The feeling is mutual.  Take care.

  • wwickedgame asked : Just came across your blog and thought I'd tell you how beautiful your shots are. I've been wanting to experiment with some artistic nude photos myself for a while and yours are very inspiring. Keep up the amazing work!

    Thank you.  Exploring is the most fun part of creation.  Explore away!!!

  • randompantsdesign asked : Your work is absolutely brilliant, especially your black & white shots. Fantastic use of natural light.

    Thank you.  BW films have a special feeling for me.

  • The amazing Desiree.  Just some digital test shots.

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  • rons5311 asked : I enjoy your work. You are a true artist.

    Thank you.

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  • laruebum asked : you are the photographer of these photos no?


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  • freshiejuice asked : Where are you located?

    Greenwich, CT

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