Hey! Did you ever post anything from our last session? Excited to see! -e

Hi Erica!!!.  I haven’t posted anything from our last session because I haven’t scanned it yet!!!.  Believe it or not, I’m super behind.  No excuses other than to say that my camera must be depressed.  Currently trying some therapy on her.  Started scanning a week ago, please stay tuned. Love to see how much you’ve been traveling.  Living vicariously through you!!!!.  Lets catch up soon.

  • Desiree Film Scans

    120 and 4x5

  • Great b+w work! Enjoyed your archive again big time. Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks.  The feeling is mutual.  Take care.

    Just came across your blog and thought I'd tell you how beautiful your shots are. I've been wanting to experiment with some artistic nude photos myself for a while and yours are very inspiring. Keep up the amazing work!

    Thank you.  Exploring is the most fun part of creation.  Explore away!!!

    Your work is absolutely brilliant, especially your black & white shots. Fantastic use of natural light.

    Thank you.  BW films have a special feeling for me.

  • The amazing Desiree.  Just some digital test shots.

  • I enjoy your work. You are a true artist.

    Thank you.

    you are the photographer of these photos no?


    Where are you located?

    Greenwich, CT